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Video Pro X

Video Pro X is an advanced video editing program. The complete package includes a lot of professional features and an interface that looks very similar to Video deluxe. The program is for everyone who wants to take their hobby and movies to a new level. Video Pro X has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to color grading.

Video Pro X Test

Video Pro X is MAGIX’s advanced video editing program. It is not suitable for beginners as it contains a lot of functions and is designed for professional video editing. This is already recognizable by the high price of 330€. However, the program is interesting for Youtuber or others who are more serious with their hobby. I downloaded the trial version to see how good the video editing software really is.


At first glance, you can see some similarities with MAGIX Video deluxe. The menu where you can import files and insert effects and fades is almost identical. The timeline also looks similar. The biggest difference you can see first are the two preview monitors, where otherwise only one is located. You can edit one video on one screen while another video is running on the other. So you can adjust the different videos optimally, in the color, in the sharpness, etc.. It’s all called look matching. Many may not notice these small differences. But they are necessary for professional videos. Video Pro X also features Multicam mode, which makes it easy for users to choose between videos from different locations. Sounds complicated perhaps – is simply an improvement of the workflow. Another big difference, of course, is the number of effects available to the user. If you go to the video effects the scrolling doesn’t stop anymore, there are so many color grading options.

Here you can see the difference between the Video Pro X interface and the Video deluxe interface

Video Pro X Video deluxe 2017

The most important functions

  • First of all, the video editing software has an interface that is familiar to you relatively quickly. Of course it is not as simple as the Video deluxe products, because it has to accommodate more functions. But you can get used to it relatively quickly.
  • Multicam editing for editing shots taken with different cameras and for a better workflow if you want to switch back and forth between different shots
  • Proxy editing for smooth editing of large video files
  • Keyframe editor: You can use it to implement almost anything that gives you creativity: Motion animations, zooms, color settings etc.
  • 360° editing
  • Nested Sequences are ready-made sequences that can be inserted into the movie as objects to be edited
  • Color Grading at the highest level
  • Support of video formats of any kind
  • Create DVDs with menu using many templates
  • Audio editing with integrated audio cleaning and mixer
  • numerous professional effects, such as chroma key, travel rod animations, look adjustment or fish eye correction (very practical for action cam shots)
  • Object tracking so that the detail you want to focus on is always the center of attention
  • Lookup tables for the best possible post-processing, such as for creating cinema looks.

That’s a lot of stuff. In addition, MAGIX provides free tutorials on its website. Yes, the familiarization with such a program can take time. One could probably write a whole book about it, if one would go into all functions exactly.

Is it worth spending 350€ on video editing software at all?









Of course, everyone has to decide for himself whether he wants to spend so much on a video editing program. Video Pro X is not suitable for beginners. In general, I would advise beginners to buy a cheaper program first, because you never know how much fun video editing really is. But those who are serious about their hobby, run a Youtube channel and maybe even earn money with their videos can consider switching to a more professional program, as with such a range of functions one can simply get more out of one’s videos. Moreover, the price for a total package of this larger is fully justified.

Weaknesses of the programme

Anyone who spends so much money on video editing software should of course be aware of the disadvantages of the product. The customer reviews on Amazon are not the best. Some think it’s very good. Others are not satisfied at all, because MAGIX can’t handle the problem of jerking in the preview monitor. If you want to play your movie, it hooks in the preview and that is of course bad for editing and very annoying. And that was the least of it. In some cases the video editing software is completely frozen or there have been several crashes. Of course, that’s not allowed to happen. On the other hand, there are also customers who have not experienced any problems. I recommend everyone who is interested in Video Pro X to download the trial version. There you can get your own idea of the performance of the program.

Strengths of the programme

First of all, the interface is quite clear, so that you can quickly familiarize yourself, only the menu is still in need of improvement. Otherwise I like the look very much. You can clearly see the similarities to Video deluxe, but that’s also great when you switch from Video deluxe to Video Pro X, which is probably what many people who want more features do. The video editing program has all the important functions you need to edit professional videos. The range of functions is even extendable, because you can add free plugins by small updates, in order to gain even more possibilities for video editing. Another big advantage of the video editing pregorama is that you can use all functions directly in the program without having to change the app like in Final Cut. This means that video editing with this program is wonderfully fast and a lot of fun, because after just a few clicks you have a new effect in the video. Otherwise, the program has several color grading options to create real cinema looks. 360° editing is also on board, which is really cool, because 360° cameras will probably become more and more popular in the future.

Bottom line

If you really want to create more professional videos and are willing to spend a lot of money on them, Video Pro X is certainly not a bad choice. There are lots of effects, functions and templates to work with. The video editing software runs smoothly with me. However, some customers experience crashes. I haven’t had one yet. Of course, there are also reviews from people who have praised the program very much.
In my opinion the video editing program is great for Youtuber who want to get more out of their videos. Video Pro X can do significantly more than beginner programs such as Video deluxe 2018 or Vegas Movie Studio and yet is still significantly cheaper than Vegas Pro 15 or Premiere Pro. This is the optimal intermediate solution for advanced hobby filmmakers.

Just have a look at the website of the manufacturer, there you can also download the trial version and see how well the video editing program works on your computer.

Level Advanced – Professional
Bottom line 79%
Functional scope 90%
Clear layout of the user interface 80%
Ease of use 80%
Price-performance ratio 65%

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