Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor


The Movavi Photo Editor is aimed at hobby photographers who want to make more out of their pictures. For only 30€ you get a really good image processing program with many functions and an extremely clear interface.
There is a second version of the program, the “Big Photo Bundle”. There you can also create slideshows and apply more effects. In my opinion, the standard version is sufficient.

The program is definitely suitable for fast and easy photo editing.

Movavi Photo Editor Test

Are you taking pictures as a hobby and looking for a good, inexpensive image editing program that lets you easily edit your pictures? Then the Movavi Photo Editor might be just right for you. You can find out what makes the program so special in the following test report.


As with the Movavi video editing program, the interface is very simple and clearly structured. You find your way around super fast and don’t need to watch any instruction videos on Youtube.
In the middle there is a large “Preview Monitor” where you can see the image you want to edit. Above you will find the menu bar, where all functions are located. If you click on one of the icons, a window opens to the right of the image where you can use the functions. Of course you can see the preview immediately on the picture. At the top right, you can place the finished picture next to the original one to view your work. To save the edited image, simply press the Save button. – As I said, super simple and clear.

The most important functions

1. Customizing

If you click on adjust, you will be shown the usual editing options to the right of the picture, which can also be used with the normal Windows picture program. These are white balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, highlights, shadows, sharpness, detail, blur, temperature, tint and hue. Here you can add filters to your image manually by changing the colors. At the top there is a point “Magic Enhance”. There the image editing program can automatically improve the brightness and contrast of the image.


Here there are preset effects that you can put over your image, and more than enough of them, about 120 different filters with effects are available to you. To find the perfect one, there is an extra menu where you can select criteria such as disco, classic, textures or artistic.

3. Retouching

Here you can actually edit everything you don’t like afterwards. You can make up people, remove stains and wrinkles, change eye color or size, remove red eyes, change lip color, whiten teeth, or even change hair color and face shape.

4. Remove Objects

This is by far my favorite function. You probably know it when you want to take a nice picture of the beach on holiday. Unfortunately there is always someone running through the picture or can be seen in the background. That’s no longer a problem. You simply select something you want to remove, and then click Start Delete. Then the program removes the marked area and replaces it with the colors around it so that the change is not noticeable. But of course this only works for relatively small things. Otherwise, it can get noticed.

beforehand afterwards

5. Change background

Here you can simply mark the background and replace it with another one.

6. Cutting

This function is also known from the standard programs. Here you can customize your image and set formats.

7. Text

Here you can write a text or a heading and drag it to any position in the image. In addition, you get the whole range of setting options, from the font, to the opacity, the font color or underlining. You know it from Word.

8. Turning

Here you can adjust the angle of the image, if the photo was taken a bit crooked.

9. Resize

Here you can decide how many pixels you want your image to be long and high.

10. Insert image

Here you have the possibility to add more images, for example to create collages.

11. Interference suppression

When you took a photo under special circumstances, such as night, concert, or low light. The program then adapts the photo to the events.

These were all functions for image editing with the Movavi Photo Editor. On the far right you will find a button “Before/After” to compare your result with the original image. When you are satisfied, simply press the save button at the bottom right and the artwork is ready.

Which version is the best?

The Movavi Photo Editor is available in two different versions. First the standard version for 30€, which I tested, and a “Big Photo Bundle”, where you have even more functions with effects and you can create slideshows.
For normal use, however, I would recommend the standard program. This is definitely enough for me.

Do you have to spend any money on an image editing program?

No, of course not. There is also a good free program like GIMP, which I also use. However, you don’t get such a beautiful and clear surface with any of them. In my opinion, a paid program is worthwhile. If you are not sure and want to convince yourself of the program, you can simply download the free trial version from the manufacturer’s homepage.

Bottom line

The Movavi Photo Editor is a great photo editor for hobby photographers. For a small price, you get here a lot of functions and a very clear interface, in which you can quickly familiarize yourself. In my opinion the program is worthwhile if you want to get more out of your photos.

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