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GoPro Quik Review

If you own a Gopro, you have surely heard something about the App GoPro Quik. These are now also available for the desktop. It is a free, automatic video editing tool, especially for GoPro recordings. What can this program do and for whom is it suitable?

User interface / user friendliness

If you start the app for the first time, the program guides you through the functions and even offers a tutorial. The surface is very simple, so you can quickly find your way around.

Once you have connected the camera or selected a folder with GoPro files, video editing can begin.

You get into a very simple window. In the upper right corner there is a preview monitor where you can watch the video. At the top left you will find the selected files that you can insert and edit into the Storyboard below. As you can already see, the range of functions is limited to the most necessary. If you want more editing possibilities, you should work with the GoPro Studio. The GoPro Quik App is designed to cut and share videos as quickly as possible.
You can select music, which is then automatically stored. If you have selected a few video files, you can now specify the length and the program will automatically merge the videos into a small movie, which can be seen at the bottom of the bar.

Processing possibilities

There are only very few processing possibilities. There are five controls for brightness, dynamics, color temperature, contrast and shadow. Certainly not professional tools, but you can adapt the videos to each other a little and design the videos according to your taste.

My favorite feature is the ability to insert measurement data into the video. For this you need at least a Hero 5 or the Gopro Karma, as products that have GPS on board. You can have the travelled path drawn in, insert a speedometer or G-force meter, and so on. Of course, this function is not offered by standard video editing programs.

When the movie’s finished, you export it. You can then share the video directly and upload it to social networks.


Who is the GoPro Quik App aimed at?

First of all of course to all who have a GoPro camera, because the app can only recognize GoPro files.
Actioncams are known for being extremely flexible and can be taken anywhere. With the app you can create small videos super fast, which you can then upload immediately on the Internet. If you don’t want to deal much with video editing, but still want to have your videos cut together, the GoPro Quik App is a good choice.
But if you want to get more out of your videos, you should rather use a real video editing program. There are free variants like the GoPro Studio or the Windows Movie Maker with which you can at least cut, edit and create your own videos. However, I would definitely recommend a paid program like the Movavi Video Editor. This does not cost much, is super suitable for beginners and offers some extra functions. For those who want the right color processing, there are relatively simple programs like Video Deluxe.
Of course, a GoPro also stands for excellent video quality, which is why professionals also use GoPros where large cameras are difficult. For those who want to get the most out of their GoPro videos, there are also more professional programs like Vegas Pro, which I am currently using myself.

Bottom line

The GoPro Quik app for the desktop is aimed at all GoProfilmer who want to quickly and easily merge and share videos. However, it is not particularly suitable for video editing.
There are alternatives here.

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