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GoPro Hero 7 Test – Brand new Actioncam

Recently GoPro introduced the very latest camera – the GoPro Hero 7. What makes the new High End Actioncam so special and what other surprises come from GoPro, I’ll tell you in this article.

Here you can find the test report of the Hero 5 and 6. Now I only go into the innovations.

In terms of design, not much has changed since the predecessor. The Cam is waterproof up to 10m without cover. On the front is the small scoreboard, on the back the 2″ large touchscreen. 4K videos are possible at 60fps. Super slow motion recording at 240fps at Full HD is no problem, even in top quality.

HyperSmooth Video

An innovation is the image stabilization, which was improved to the predecessor clearly and should make a Gimbal redundant.
This also makes time-lapse shots in motion possible, which opens completely new creative doors.

Super photo

The new Super Photo mode lets you get even more out of your photos – automatically. The camera offers HDR images that become works of art in any light with local sound, mapping and noise reduction.

Live streaming

Now you can share your videos live with your friends on different platforms – directly from the Gopro.

GoPro Hero 7 Silver and White

GoPro not only launches a new actioncam, but three. The GoPro Hero 7 Black is the top model. In addition, there is a Hero 7 Silver and a White variant.

These cost less, but have correspondingly less to offer. In both cases, the small display on the front is omitted and the battery is fixed, which I find very unfortunate, as a replaceable battery can really be very practical.

The Hero 7 Silver lacks the Live Streaming and the Hyper Smoot video function, as well as the Super Photo. The Hero 7 White also comes without GPS, HDR and 4K videos.
But those who simply want to have a great image quality and don’t care much about these extras can spend 100 or 200 Euros less here.

This was just a short article about the new GoPros. In the future, a detailed test report on the new cameras will certainly appear on the website.

If you want to know more about the GoPro Hero 7, check out this video of Reveal Rabbit, a Youtube channel I really recommend.

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