Magix Video Deluxe 2020 Review

Magix Video Deluxe 2020


Video Deluxe 2020 is the latest video editing program in the Video Deluxe series. Thanks to the different modes and the various video editing assistants it is now much easier to edit a video than before.

I recommend the Plus variant of the video editing program, because the price-performance ratio is best with this version and it contains many cool additional functions such as the travel route animation.

Video Deluxe 2020 Test

Magix Video Deluxe has stood for simple but comprehensive video editing for years. In the following, I will take a closer look at the latest software in the series and examine whether it is worth buying it.



At first glance, the interface looks the same as in the last versions, but now there is not only the possibility to edit videos via the timeline (lower half of the image), but also via a storyboard, which is especially appreciated by beginners.


The Storyboard is very easy to use and is sufficient for slide shows. However, the Timeline offers many more possibilities if the video becomes more complex and several files are to be played at the same time (e.g. video/header/music/music/crossfade/noise backdrop)

The tracks on which the files are stored can be moved, deleted or copied at will, as well as colored so that the project becomes clearer.

Assistants and cutting templates

If you need a quick fix, or if you don’t feel like editing a video yourself, you can now fully rely on the automatic wizards.

They’ll help you edit or even do all the work with the Plus or Premium version of Video Deluxe – just select a template and videos and the program will edit a high-quality video for you all by itself.

Image stabilization

As every year, the image stabilization has been improved again. A useful function for all those who film from hand on holiday.

Video Deluxe Plus/Premium

Magix Video Deluxe is always available in three versions, the normal one for 70€, the plus version for 100€ and the premium version for 130€. (The prices can be lower due to offers – just have a look here.
)The two more expensive versions offer besides the basic functions and the 900 effects and templates some more cool functions, which I will explain now.

My personal highlight is route animation, which makes an impression on the viewers, especially in holiday videos.

In addition, there is the so-called Multicam Editing, in which the screen can be divided into up to four boxes in order to show several videos at the same time. This function is useful if you have filmed the same object from different perspectives and it would be too boring to play everything one after the other.

In addition, from the Plus version it is possible to edit videos in 360°.

Conclusion – Video Deluxe 2020

Magix Video Deluxe is a very good video editing program, which is easy to use, but still offers extensive functions starting with the Plus version. I can only recommend the program to anyone who is new to video editing but wants to get started. In my opinion, the Plus version has the best price-performance ratio. Any beginner who finds the program too expensive and doesn’t care much about additional functions and many effects should take a look at the Movavi Video Editor.

Video Deluxe 2019 Review

Another year has passed since Video Deluxe 2018 and Magix is releasing the next version of the popular video editing program series.


At first glance, the interface of Video Deluxe 2019 doesn’t differ much from that of the previous version. On the left side you will find the preview window, on the right side the window for selecting effects, video files, audios, etc.. A new button has been added here, the Store, where you can buy music and video effects directly in the program. This function already existed earlier, but was integrated into the other windows. I like the current solution much better because it’s now easier to tell what’s free from what’s payable.
Below is the timeline as usual, on which you can cut and move video and audio files as you like. You can choose between the timeline mode, which I always use, and the familiar storyboard mode, as well as a simple overview of the files used.

The user interface is very clear and as a beginner you will find your way around relatively quickly. I myself started editing videos with Video Deluxe and since then the interface hasn’t changed much.

But now to the exciting part:

What can the program do and what new functions have been added?

As usual, Video Deluxe 2019 will be available in three different versions. There is the normal version, the plus version and Video Deluxe Premium.

All three contain a variety of effects and templates. With the normal version approx. 900, with the Premium version 1500. New are automatic assistants, which cut your videos also completely from alone, if it should go fast times. Simply select videos, pictures and songs and the video editing program turns them into a finished film using a template. If you prefer to cut yourself, you can of course do that as well.

Video Deluxe Plus

A highlight of the Plus version is the proxyschnitt, with which even 4K files can be edited smoothly. There is also image stabilization, automatic look adjustment and – brand new – 360° video editing.

Video Deluxe Premium

The premium version includes all the features of Video Deluxe Plus plus some effects packages such as the well-known travel route animation. Here you select a take-off and landing point and let an animated airplane fly around the world… excellent for travel videos.

Bottom line

Magix Video Deluxe 2019 is and remains a good video editing program for both beginners and advanced users. However, the program also has its price. If you are looking for a beginner program and only need the standard functions, I would rather recommend the Movavi Video Editor. But if you want to edit stunning, professional videos and work with 4K or 360° files, the Plus or Premium version of Video Deluxe is a good choice for you.

Video deluxe 2018 review

Video deluxe 2018 is here! I’ve been using the previous version of MAGIX for a year now and would like to see if it’s worth switching to the new video editing program.

Table of contents

  • Video Deluxe 2020 Test
    • Video Deluxe Plus/Premium
    • Conclusion – Video Deluxe 2020
  • Video Deluxe 2019 Review
    • Surface
    • Bottom line
  • Video deluxe 2018 review
    • Infographics
    • Surface
    • What does the video editing program offer?
    • On which points are the more expensive variants of Video deluxe 2018 better?
    • Basic, Plus or Premium?
    • Who is MAGIX Video deluxe 2018 suitable for?
    • What’s not good about the video editing program?
    • Bottom line



The surface hasn’t changed much at first. The design has remained the same and the functions in the grey bar above the timeline are the same.

At first glance, you don’t really see any changes at all. Only at second glance does one notice that the symbols of the effects and the templates have changed. Where in the 2017 version there was only a boring menu, today you can find clear boxes with symbols of the actions to be performed. This looks much nicer and is especially suitable for those who are using Video deluxe for the first time.


Here’s the comparison again:

Video deluxe 2017 Video deluxe 2018

What does the video editing program offer?

Many effects have also remained the same compared to the previous version. However, according to MAGIX, not only 500 different templates and effects are now available, but 900. I don’t know of any other program that contains a higher number.


Video Deluxe 2017 Review

Are you looking for a video editing program that is easy to use and suitable for beginners? I have been using MAGIX Video Deluxe 2017 with the Windows operating system for some time now and am very satisfied with the program. On this page I will list the advantages and disadvantages of the editing software and compare it with similar video editing programs. But first of all I can say that the video editing software is suitable for every beginner and also for advanced hobby filmmakers thanks to its simple operation.

Video deluxe 2017

In my opinion this is one of the best video editing programs in this price range. The program is especially suitable for beginners. It has a clear timeline and contains hundreds of functions and templates, from color grading to fly in texts or create a cinema look with filters, everything is possible. I don’t know of any other program that also contains a snap-in marker function that allows you to simply cut to the beat. You play a music file and press the preset key each time you change the beat. Markers appear. Now all you have to do is drag the individual takes (parts of a video) to the right place in the timeline. Very simple… ;D

Video deluxe 2017 is available in three different versions. The standard version, the plus version and the premium version.

In my opinion, the standard version is sufficient for a beginner, but if you want a little more functionality, you can also use the other versions. What I find pretty cool about the premium version is the travel animation you can create. Ideal for holiday videos.


Overview of the functions

The program is very simple and clearly arranged, so that beginners can easily find their way around.

From the import you can drag files into the timeline


There is a timeline into which you can easily insert videos, pictures or music files. The scissors icon allows you to cut the inserted files and then move them easily by clicking the file in the Timeline. With the standard version there are 32 tracks available, which in my opinion is sufficient for hobby filmmakers. The Plus and Premium variants have 99.

Even large audio files can be inserted into the editing tracks and edited. You can make music faster or slower.

Videos and images can be edited with many effects



There are many ways to edit the video effects. With Color Grading you can make your film look more professional. With image stabilization, it is even possible to show hand-filmed images with virtually no jerking. You can also change the frames to play the video slower or faster. It is also possible to play backwards.



For beautiful intros/outros or even incoming texts in a movie, there are many free MAGIX templates that can be dragged into the timeline and edited.

Many would like more modern templates for their video, as some may already be a little outdated, but for a software in this price range this is absolutely fine.






The MAGIX audio library contains a huge selection of songs that you can use for your own movie. Some are made available to you free of charge. For others you have to pay money.


One of my favorite functions in the program is the snap-in marker function, which is especially great for beginners. If you are playing an inserted audio file, you can set snap-in markers in the bar during this time. These appear as dashes on the file. So you can easily cut to the beat. The video looks much more professional.

Video editing in 4k is also possible. I haven’t tried it myself yet because I don’t have a 4k camera or a suitable screen. However, I can imagine that the computer must have good performance when cutting this resolution.

Anyone who wants to test the video editing software free of charge can download the free trial version from the MAGIX website and use the editing program free of charge for 30 days.

System requirements to your computer

  • Working memory: from 2 GB
  • Processor: min. 2.4 GHz
  • Hard disk space: 2 GB
  • Graphics card: min. 1280×768

for the additional functions of the Plus and Premium versions is sometimes more required.

For whom is Video deluxe 2017 suitable and for whom rather less?

Video deluxe is suitable for all those who..

…look for an affordable video editing software with which you as a beginner can cut good videos

…want to cut videos as a hobby

…looking for a good price-performance ratio

…want to cut good looking videos fast and without much previous knowledge

…own a Windows computer


Video deluxe is not suitable for..

…professionals in the field of video editing

…people who want to edit professional movies, for whom you need effects that Video deluxe doesn’t offer

…Apple users


If you’ve never used a video editing program other than Windows Movie Maker before, I recommend MAGIX Video deluxe 2017 because it’s easy to find your way around and you can achieve good results. Also a change to newer versions can be worthwhile for all those who already have older versions of Video deluxe. I started with MAGIX Video deluxe 17 plus hd and then switched to the 2017 version.

For those who have been editing videos for a long time, have a lot of experience and great expectations of video editing software, Video deluxe may not offer enough professional functions. There are many other good video editing programs on the market.

Video deluxe only works on Windows devices. If you google, you will also find ways to use MAGIX applications on your Mac. It’s not supposed to be that way.

Why MAGIX Video deluxe?

In my opinion this is a very good program for beginners and advanced students. I have been using it myself for almost half a year now and am very satisfied with it. Until now, I have only worked with MAGIX products and free programs and I have no plans to change. Video deluxe offers many features so you can let your creativity run wild and the software is really not expensive for what you can do..

Advantages of video editing software

  • very simple operation, simple video editing program
  • clear timeline
  • low price compared to other programs
  • free trial period
  • Snap-in markers (easier to cut to the beat)
  • many functions and effects


Disadvantages of video editing software

  • occasional jolts with large files (but can also be due to my computer :D)
  • some complain about crashes. But I haven’t had any..

    Conclusion: I can recommend this video editing software to any beginner or novice. I
    this program myself
    and I enjoyed working with it very
    If you want a little more additional functions, you
    can also take the Plus or Premium version for a small surcharge
    Thanks to the many additional functions and effects, you won’t be bored if you’ve already gained some experience. However, there is already the 2018 version, which allows more functions and faster working. You can find the test for the latest video editing program in the menu above.

Level Beginner – Advanced
Bottom line 80%
Functional scope 70%
Clear layout of the user interface 75%
Ease of use 85%
Price-performance ratio 90%








What I also like very much are the movielooks that MAGIX makes available to the users. This way you can easily create a pre-designed film look over your film instead of spending hours dealing with color grading. Of course, all this can also be edited manually. Still a great thing if you want it to go fast.

For normal video editing, the basic version provides 32 tracks in the Timeline. In my opinion, 32 tracks are sufficient for beginners, though.

MAGIX’s image stabilization is also back with all three versions. I film almost everything from my hand and therefore can hardly do without it.

The program should be up to 5x faster than its predecessor

Thanks to the Intel GPU hardware acceleration, MAGIX Video deluxe 2018 will now be able to process videos up to 5 times faster than the old version. Even 4K recordings can now be viewed smoothly on the preview monitor.

On which points are the more expensive variants of Video deluxe 2018 better?

There is a 10€ difference between the basic program and the Plus version. Is it worth buying the more expensive video editing program?

Screen recording

If you want to record a tutorial on the computer or a computer game, you need the screen shots. In other words, you run the program in the background and it films all the activities you see on the monitor. You can then edit the video in the Timeline as normal. Unfortunately, this helpful feature is only supported by the Plus and Premium versions.

Snap-in marker

The snap-in marker function no longer exists in the basic program, which is really a pity, since this function was still available in all three video editing programs in Video deluxe 2017.

360° video editing, automatic look adjustment, multicam editing, proxy video editing, itinerary animation

360° editing is needed to edit 360° videos. However, very few people still have a camera that can record such videos. The automatic look adjustment is really very practical to adjust videos, which have been recorded by different cameras, for example, optimally to each other. The itinerary animation also takes your video to a new level and they are great for holiday movies. With Video Deluxe 2018 it is already possible to edit 4k videos. That’s where the computer can reach its limits. It’s no problem with the proxy cut. The large files are converted to low-quality videos and replaced by the old ones when exporting, so that the computer is not overwhelmed when editing. Multicam editing is also really handy, because you can edit videos from two different cameras much easier and faster. (On the start page I explain the terms in more detail)

And these are just the most important functions for me that only MAGIX Video deluxe 2018 Plus/Premium offers.

Basic, Plus or Premium?

Considering the things that are only supported by the more expensive video editing programs, I would recommend the Plus variant.

For beginners, who don’t need all the additional functions yet, the basic model is also suitable. However, Video deluxe 2018 Plus only costs 10€ more for offering so much more. Especially the snap-in marker function, with which you can easily cut to the beat, is very important to me. But of course everyone has to decide for himself what he needs.

Here’s a little comparison again:

Video deluxe 2018 Video deluxe 2018 Plus Video deluxe 2018 Premium
Number of machining traces 32 200 200
Functions/Effects Storyboard and timeline mode, 900 effects, fades, menus, intros & outros, film music, automatic assistants Storyboard and timeline mode, 900 effects, fades, menus, intros & outros, film music, automatic assistants

additional effects, 6 special effects, 4K proxy editing

Storyboard and timeline mode, 900 effects, fades, menus, intros & outros, film music, automatic assistants

additional effects, 6 special effects, 4K proxy editing

4 premium plug-ins

required operating systems Windows Windows Windows
Price 69,99€ 79,99€ 129,99€


Who is MAGIX Video deluxe 2018 suitable for?

Video deluxe 2018 is another video editing program of the Video deluxe series with which I have already had good experiences. At the moment I am using the 2017 basic version and am very satisfied with it. The program is very suitable for beginners, because the user interface is clearly arranged and you can really find your way around quickly. Even advanced hobby filmmakers are addressed by the product, because the video editing program offers countless effects and templates with which you can improve your film.

I can’t say much about the speed of the program yet, as I have only tested it under normal conditions so far. I don’t work with 4K video footage. However, the Full-HD recordings ran smoothly on the preview monitor.

Is it worth switching from an old MAGIX product?

I wouldn’t recommend those who currently own Video deluxe 2017 to switch to the new program as not much has changed. Of course effects have been added and the speed has improved, but there are no major differences to the last version. I’ll stick with the old program for now.

MAGIX Video deluxe 2018 is highly recommended for anyone who has never worked with a paid video editing program before. As a beginner you can quickly achieve good results and with the many possibilities you never get bored.

On Amazon the program has not only good ratings. With some customers the video editing program hangs up or crashes. I don’t know what it is. But I could not find any big mistakes during my short test phase. It’s never crashed on me either. If you download the free test phase, you will see whether the video editing program is stable on your computer ;D

What’s not good about the video editing program?

Since I’ve only talked about the advantages of the program so far, I’m going to devote myself to the disadvantages. The many functions and the speed of the program sound really fantastic. Unfortunately, there are customer reviews that are not really convinced and that write that the video editing program jerks, hangs or crashes completely. Some also do not notice the promised difference in the speed to the predecessor program. I have to admit I didn’t test the program to its limits, but I downloaded and tried it and I didn’t notice any major flaws. I have never seen Video deluxe 2018 crash or hang up. If you are interested in the program, I can only recommend you to download the free trial version. Then you can see for yourself the performance of the video editing program. As I said, I am still very satisfied with the program.

Bottom line

MAGIX Video deluxe 2018 is a great video editing program that I can recommend to every beginner and amateur filmmaker. It has an excellent range of functions and also the user interface is very clearly designed. The two more expensive versions also offer my favorite feature. The snap-in markers can be set in the timeline to cut wonderfully to the beat. But for that the program has to be fast. The manufacturer states that the new video editing program is now up to 5x as fast as the old one. Some customers disagree, others are enthusiastic. If you are unsure, you can simply download the free trial version.


Level Beginner – Advanced
Bottom line 85%
Functional scope 80%
Clear layout of the user interface 85%
Ease of use 85%
Price-performance ratio 90%


  • clear surface
  • very fast program, smooth cutting possible
  • a variety of effects, apertures, templates, menus, intros and autros are at your disposal
  • Snap-in marker for cutting on the cycle (Attention: not for the basic version)


  • occasional crashes/hangers (not with me)

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