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MKV to MP4 conversion is necessary because as we analyzed in our Adobe Premiere Pro review, there is no support for MKV format in the Adobe suite. It is a reasonable solution considering that the suite is targeted to an audience of professionals in the high-end cinema and broadcasting industry.

To convert MKV to MP4 we have to use the VLC media player because it is free and does not require codecs to be utilized. Furthermore, it can convert almost any file format serving as audio player as well.

The entire conversion from MKV to MP4 took me seven minutes from the VLC installation without registration and the conversion of MKV footage to a MP4 container format.

The first method below is my preferred method: use VLC to convert MKV to MP4.

It is really mandatory that you have VLC downloaded in your computer if you are into digital video editing. It adapts to every format without codecs (I converted from a WebEx free trial recording of a meeting to MP4 so imagine) and is free and open source: no trials, no freemium.

MKV To MP4 Using VLC Converter: No Limit

Once you open your web browser, head to the website

Once again, the great thing about VLC is this: it’s free and open source. You could use it as a media player. You don’t have to download any codecs at all. It also works across all different platforms; whether you have Windows, Mac, or Linux, you’ll be able to use the VLC media player. If you don’t have VLC yet, click on the “Download VLC” button and run through the installation process.

Once you finish downloading the VLC media player, go ahead and launch it on your operating system.

To convert a file within the VLC media player, let’s go up to the top left hand corner and you’ll see a menu for “Media”. Click on that. Within the media menu, towards the bottom, there’s an option for “Convert/Save”.

Click on that or use the shortcut key Control and R simultaneously.

This will open up an “Open Media” prompt. You’ll see “File Selection” where you can select the file that you want to convert. Click on “Add”, which opens up the Windows file picker. Navigate to your MKV file, select it, and click “Open”.

Once you have performed that, you will move on to a “Convert” dialog. Here, you can specify the type of file you want to convert your MKV into, such as MP4 or even MP3 if you just want the audio.

You can also select presets for various purposes, like converting the video for YouTube. Finally, specify a destination for your converted file, and click “Start”.

The conversion will progress, and once done, you’ll have your MP4 file ready on your desktop.

MKV To MP4 Conversion Using OBS

Another method for converting MKV to MP4 is using the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). You can find OBS at

It’s a powerful screen recorder used by many people for their YouTube recordings. So respect to OBS.

To convert video files with OBS, go to the “File” menu, select “Remux Recordings”, and then choose your MKV file. After that, you can convert it into MP4 just like with VLC.

Once the conversion is completed using OBS, you can verify its success by locating the new MP4 file on your desktop or specified directory.

Here’s how to preview the converted file:

  1. Navigate to the location where the MP4 file has been saved.
  2. Double-click the file to play it. If it plays smoothly and without any glitches, then the conversion was successful.

Adobe Media Encoder For MKV Files

Actually, you do not need to use the Adobe Media Encoder for MKV files because VLC is better and quicker.

While you already know how are we playing around frequently with ME, this is not the quickest and easiest option in this case.

I have a complete Adobe Premiere Pro review where I analyze all the features of this product.

We discuss if Premiere Pro supports MKV files and how to handle MKV files via Encoder. Anyway, we consider that the industry standard is that you convert MKV to MP4 and stick to that container format.

Also, if MOV files are supported and how to override the MOV glitch.

We analyze the situation related to the lack of support inside Adobe Premiere Pro for WebM format files and why Adobe does not support it. While we do not recommend the WebM format at all, I explain how to overcome this issue with the FNord WebM free software. The recommended approach is to go into industry standards and convert WebM to MP4 to use it in Premiere Pro. A bit related to this is the question about how to handle the VP9 codec in Premiere Pro, as it s a problem for YouTubers who want to export video produced and rendered there.

As there is no lifetime license anymore available for the Adobe suite, we responded to the question in the comments´ section about why Adobe Premiere Pro is so expensive, and, in general, why digital video editing software is so expensive.

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