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This FNord WebM brief tutorial came up as I have described in my Adobe Premiere Pro review that this suite does not support WebM files, and I also explained there that it is fine and you should not be using WebM format if you are a professional in digital video editing.

However, if I still attempt to import WebM footage, I will encounter an error message indicating the unsupported file format.

There is a workaround to this limitation using a driver from FNord.

FNord WebM is a free software

Let me show you quickly the steps to process the WebM files through FNord

FNord WebM Free Download

Download the FNord WebM Driver:

Visit the website fnordware.com.

They offer a WebM driver compatible with both Mac and Windows. Download the appropriate version for your operating system.

Its last update is from mid 2022.

Fnord WebM Tutorial

Once it is downloaded, we proceed to install it and start using it.

  1. Installation:
    • Before installing, ensure Adobe Premiere Pro is completely shut down to avoid potential conflicts.
    • Locate the downloaded driver in your downloads folder.
    • Run the installer and grant necessary permissions.
    • The installation process is swift and should complete in a few moments.
  2. Importing WebM Files:
    • Launch Adobe Premiere Pro.
    • Attempt to import your WebM footage.
    • Instead of the previous error message, you should now see the ‘import files’ window.
    • After a brief wait, your WebM video, along with its audio, should be successfully imported and ready for editing.
  3. Exporting as WebM:
    • If you wish to export your project as a WebM file:
      • Navigate to your media export settings.
      • Under the format section, you’ll find an option to export as WebM.
      • Adjust the quality control settings as needed.
      • Export the video, and it will be processed through Adobe Media Encoder.

If you find that you have persistent problems, consider uninstalling the FNord driver. It can be found listed as “WebM for Premiere” in your programs list.

As an alternative, you might want to use a third-party video converter to change your WebM files to a more universally supported format, such as MP4.

We recommend editorially, to use H.264 in an MP4 container at 1080p is a safe bet.

If you are targeting audiences with newer devices and are looking for higher quality at smaller file sizes, consider H.265 for 4K content.

If you are leaning towards open-source solutions and are okay with slightly limited compatibility, VP9 in a WebM container is a good choice for 4K.

WebM Plugin For After Effects

The problem with the WebM format is for all the Adobe suite, not just Adobe Premiere.

Most of our readers here using Premiere Pro, are also customers of the whole product suite or most of it and they use also After Effects.

While After Effects does not natively support WebM import or export, there are workarounds available to users:

1. Convert WebM to AE-Compatible Formats: Before importing a WebM file into After Effects, you can convert it to AE-compatible video formats like MP4, MOV, or AVI. One recommended tool for this purpose is the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

  • About WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro:
    • This software allows users to convert WebM files to various formats such as MPEG-4 MP4/M4V, Windows Media WMV, H.264 M4V, and H.265 (HEVC).
    • It offers a user-friendly interface and ensures a straightforward conversion process. With just a few clicks, users can complete the conversion and subsequently import the converted file into After Effects without any issues.
    • Download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Of course! Here’s the information presented in a table format:

WebM Plugins For After EffectsSituation
AE’s Native WebM SupportAfter Effects does not natively support WebM import or export.
SolutionConvert WebM to AE-Compatible Formats
Recommended Conversion ToolWonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro
Key Features of the Tool– Converts WebM to MPEG-4 MP4/M4V, Windows Media WMV, H.264 M4V, H.265 (HEVC)
– User-friendly interface
– Straightforward conversion process
Alternative ApproachUse FNord as suggested earlier, above

Adobe Media Encoder And WebM Files Handling

Adobe Media Encoder does not handle WebM files, so let´s say that the whole Adobe portfolio is not able to handle WebM files.

AME is just for other things. Like for integration with other Adobe applications like Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition. This allows users to send projects directly from these apps to AME for encoding.

Also we use AME for batch processing. I can queue multiple encoding tasks, allowing for efficient batch processing of large projects or multiple versions of a video.

Also AME can produce content suitable for adaptive bitrate streaming, which is essential for online video platforms.

But not WebM formats, just AME is not for that.

Alternative WebM Plugin For Premiere Pro

If you still want to use WebM format, there is an alternative to Fnord WebM which is EasyFab.

I have not tested it, I only tested Fnord.

Can A WebM Codec Download Allow Compatibility With Adobe Premiere?

No, it will not. You will still have a viable WebM file that will still be not compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro.

A WebM codec download refers to obtaining the necessary software components that allow a computer or software application to encode and/or decode video and audio streams in the WebM format.

The codec (compressor-decompressor) is only responsible for compressing raw video or audio data for storage or transmission and decompressing it for playback or editing.

I have a complete Adobe Premiere Pro review where I analyze all the features of this product.

We discuss if Premiere Pro supports MKV files and how to handle MKV files via Encoder. Anyway, we consider that the industry standard is that you convert MKV to MP4 and stick to that container format.

Also, if MOV files are supported and how to override the MOV glitch.

We analyze the situation related to the lack of support inside Adobe Premiere Pro for WebM format files and why Adobe does not support it. While we do not recommend the WebM format at all, I explain how to overcome this issue with the FNord WebM free software. The recommended approach is to go into industry standards and convert WebM to MP4 to use it in Premiere Pro. A bit related to this is the question about how to handle the VP9 codec in Premiere Pro, as it s a problem for YouTubers who want to export video produced and rendered there.

As there is no lifetime license anymore available for the Adobe suite, we responded to the question in the comments´ section about why Adobe Premiere Pro is so expensive, and, in general, why digital video editing software is so expensive.

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