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Our mission statement is to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their careers in digital video film, motion effects, and title design providing product reviews and high-quality educational resources that are accessible and free to all.

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The idea of a society in which every digital video editing professional or film student is confident in their ability to translate their thoughts into video is woven into the organization’s core principles and values.

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Da Vinci Resolve

Learn Da Vinci Resolve and some nice tricks.


Adobe Lifecycle analysis and complete business cases


Learn video editing and convert it into your business activity.

Free Tools

Utilize free tools to do all your video editing. We teach you how to use them for free!

Adobe Premiere Pro

We have updated completely our Adobe Premiere Pro review.

Premiere Pro does not support MKV file format, unlike Da Vinci Resolve, which supports natively MKV files since version 18.6 released late 2023. But we explain how to use Adobe Media Encoder to easily convert that MKV format, and also other free plugins, so you do not have to switch programs.

Premiere Pro instead, supports MOV files. Users of these files have found problems with the MOV glitch. We explain how to solve that issue easily as well.

There are no issues with WebM format files in Adobe Premiere Pro. If you receive footage in that format for digital video editing, you will encounter no problems.

I have addressed the complaints in the comments section about why digital video editing software is so expensive in general, and Premiere Pro is so expensive, in particular.