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The Movavi Screen Capture Studio consists of the normal Screen Recorder, with which you can record the screen super easy and a full video editing program. If you want to record gameplays, tutorials or Skype calls and then cut and edit the recordings, Screen Capture Studio is the best tool for you.
Unlike the freeware programs, the operation of the program is self-explanatory and simple thanks to the clear interface.

The price is absolutely justified for a bundle of screen recording and video editing software. If you already have a video editing software, you can only have the Movavi Screen Recorder for 30€.

The Video Editor, which is included in the Screen Capture program, is intended for beginners with a clear interface and standard functions.

Movavi Screen Capture 9 Test

Everyone who wants to record gameplays, tutorials on the computer or Skype calls has to record his screen. There are many programs that can do just that, both free and paid. Here I show you what the advantages and disadvantages of Screen Capture Studio are and where the differences to freeware lie.

What does Movavi Screen Capture Studio consist of?

And here lies the first big advantage. Movavi offers the normal screen recorder for 30€, with which you can easily record the screen. The recordings can be shortened and cut afterwards and exported afterwards.
The Movavi Screen Capture Studio contains not only the screen capture program, but also the normal Video Editor, a complete video editing program, with which one can edit the recordings afterwards and add effects and transitions. The Movavi Video Editor can also be purchased separately. You can find the test report here. So for 10€ more, the program is definitely worth it, unless you already have a better video editing program.


As with all Movavi programs, the interface is super easy to design and build, so you can get started right after downloading. Nevertheless, after installing the free trial version, you will be directed to the Movavi website, where a discount campaign and instructions for the program are waiting for you. Instructions are also provided for starting the software.

If you open the program, a window appears with different selection possibilities, which I will go into now all times.

Record screen

Here is the Screen Recorder, with which you can easily record the screen. The operation is self-explanatory. If you click on the button, the following window appears.

Here one has then still some setting possibilities. You can select the size of the image to be recorded and decide whether to record the sound with it. Then you simply click on the Record button and the recording starts. To stop recording, click Stop again. The window is of course not visible in the recording, but you can always find it in the start bar of Windows 10.

Edit Video

When you’ve finished recording, you’ll be taken to a window where you
view and
shorten the
In the upper right corner there is a button “Open in Editor”, which allows you to enter the Movavi Video Editor and edit and edit the video directly.

If you just want to use the Video Editor, you can also go directly to the program via the first options by clicking on the “Edit Video” button.

The Movavi Video Editor has a separate, detailed test report in the sidebar on the right.

The two other options in the main menu “Record Audio” and “Record Webcam” are also self-explanatory and easy to use.

Who is Screen Capture Studio aimed at?

The program is aimed at anyone looking for a complete and simple solution for recording from the screen.
If you want to start recording gameplays and don’t have another video editing program yet, the program is certainly a good choice for you. It’s also great for recording tutorials or skype calls, because the program can access the microphone directly and you can cut and edit the videos in the video editor afterwards.

If you already have another video editing program, the Movavi Screen Recorder is of course sufficient. Since the Video Editor is more of a beginner’s program and only contains the standard effects, those who want to provide gameplays with many professional effects should also look for other video editing programs. However, the Screen Recorder is still suitable for screen recording.

Freeware or Screen Recorder

Since the Screen Capture Studio even includes a full video editing program, I think the price is justified in any case.

When it comes to screen recording only, you need to consider whether you’d rather save money or time. Of course, there are free screen recording programs that can do the same. But there is no other program that is as simple and clear as the Screen Recorder.

Bottom line

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a great screen capture program with integrated video editing software. The interface is self-explanatory and clear, so that beginners can quickly find their way around.
The Screen Recorder is for anyone looking for a simple screen recording program to record gameplays, tutorials or Skype calls. The Capture Studio is 10€ more expensive, but includes a good video editing program for editing the recordings.


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