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Your Mac slows down over time? You can’t edit your videos smoothy anymore? This is quite normal, because over time unnecessary files accumulate in memory, slowing down the computer. These files remain on the hard disk after uninstalling programs, for example.

Fortunately, there are applications that locate these files and clean your Mac to make it as fast as it was the first day. At least that’s the ideal. We take a look at what the Movavi Mac Cleaner does and whether it is worth buying such a cleaning tool.


As you can see on the screenshot, the user interface is really very clear and simple.

Scan computer

When you start Mac Cleaner, it scans your PC and looks for unnecessary files. You can then easily remove them with one click or, if you don’t trust the program completely, go through the files and delete them optionally.

What’s on your hard drive?

With the help of the disk usage function, you can see clearly which applications need how much disk space and where disk space may be wasted.

You can then use the uninstall program to delete files that are left on your hard disk when you uninstall an application. Mac Cleaner also gives you the ability to remove pre-installed standard apps or languages that you never use anyway and only waste disk space.



Securely disappear confidential files

There may be files on your Mac that you want to delete irrevocably. The “Shredder” immediately overwrites them with other data so that they cannot be recovered under any circumstances.

Firewall and virus protection

Mac Cleaner also includes a firewall and antivirus protection to protect your Mac from the outside world. I don’t know if that’s really necessary. You probably already have an adequate firewall on your computer.

Conclusion – Does the Mac Cleaner make sense?

If your Mac starts up or works noticeably slower or you need more storage space, it makes sense to clean up your computer and remove unnecessary files. Going through all the folders yourself is very tedious and certainly not fun. With Movavi’s Mac Cleaner, the software scans the entire hard drive in no time at all and helps you clean up :D.

If your Mac is as fast as the first day, don’t worry. Over time, however, it is not possible to prevent unnecessary files from taking up storage space.

The Mac Cleaner is easy to use and does what it should. Just have a look at the Movavi website. You can download and test Mac Cleaner for free. After 30 days you can then decide whether it is worth it or not.

A single license costs 29,95€. If you own multiple Macs or want to clean up all your family’s computers directly, you can get licenses for 3 or 5 Macs for €50 and €75, respectively.

I have a little surprise for you. As a reader of this article you get 15% on the Movavi Mac Cleaner if you buy the program through this link. If you want to test it first, I would recommend you to download the free trial version.

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