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Magix Movie Edit Pro 2019 test

Another year has passed since Movie Edit 2018 and Magix releases the next version of the popular video editing software series.


At first glance, the interface of Movie Edit Pro doesn’t differ much from that of previous versions. On the left side you find the preview monitor, on the right side the window for selecting effects, video files, audios, etc… A new button has been added here, the store, where you can buy music and video effects directly in the software. This function already existed earlier, but it was integrated into the other menus. I like the current solution much better because it’s now easier to distinguish what’s free from what’s payable.
Below is the timeline as usual, on which you can edit and move video and audio files like you want. You have the possibility to choose between the timeline mode, which I always use, and the familiar storyboard mode, as well as a simple overview of the used files.The user interface is very clear and as a beginner you will find your way around relatively quickly. I myself started editing videos with Movie Edit Pro and since then the interface hasn’t changed much.But now to the more exciting part:

Advantages and new functions of the program

As usual, Movie Edit Pro is available in three different versions. There is the normal version, the plus version and Movie Edit Pro Premium.

All three contain a variety of effects and templates. With the normal version approx. 900, with the Premium version 1500. An important innovation are the automatic assistants, which edit your videos completely by themselves. Simply select videos, pictures and songs and the video editing program turns them into a finished film using a template. If you prefer to edit yourself, you of course can do that as well.

Video Deluxe Plus

A highlight of the plus version is the proxyschnitt, which even 4K files can be edited smoothly with. There is also an image stabilization, automatic look adjustment and – brand new – 360° video editing.

Video Deluxe Premium

The premium version includes all the features of Movie Edit Pro plus some effects packages such as the well-known travel route animation. Here you select a take-off and landing point and let an animated airplane fly around the world. . . excellent for travel videos.


Movie Edit Pro is a great video editing software for beginners as well as advanced users. However, the program isn’t very cheap. If you are looking for a beginner program which only includes the standard functions, I would rather recommend the Movavi Video Editor. But if you want to edit stunning, professional videos or if you work with 4K or 360° files, the Plus or Premium version of Movie Edit Pro will be a good choice for you.

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