VP9 Premiere Pro

VP9 In Premiere Pro We will deal with all the troubleshooting related to the handling of the VP9 codec in Premiere Pro. This is a problem for producers, mostly YouTubers, who want to export footage produced and rendered there. Go through the table of contents to discover where your particular problem is discussed. In my … Read more


MKV To MP4 Converter Free MKV to MP4 conversion is necessary because as we analyzed in our Adobe Premiere Pro review, there is no support for MKV format in the Adobe suite. It is a reasonable solution considering that the suite is targeted to an audience of professionals in the high-end cinema and broadcasting industry. … Read more

Why Premiere Pro Does Not Support WebM

Why Premiere Pro Does Not Support WebM? In my Adobe Premiere Pro review, I did not explain why Premiere Pro does not support WebM, and I just said it was fine to do that. Users disliked in the comments my acquiescence to that Adobe decision. While included in AdobeĀ“s product portfolio roadmap, Premiere Pro does … Read more

FNord WebM

This FNord WebM brief tutorial came up as I have described in my Adobe Premiere Pro review that this suite does not support WebM files, and I also explained there that it is fine and you should not be using WebM format if you are a professional in digital video editing. However, if I still … Read more

Why is Editing Software So Expensive

Why is Editing Software So Expensive Why is Editing Software So Expensive? Cost of Development Developing video editing software requires a significant amount of time, effort, and resources. High-end processors and data speeds are essential for the software to run smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, specialized skills are needed to design and develop reliable and cutting-edge … Read more

Why is Premiere Pro So Expensive

Why is Premiere Pro So Expensive? Software Development and Maintenance One reason why Premiere Pro is expensive is the cost of software development and maintenance. Creating a professional-grade video editing tool like Adobe Premiere Pro requires a significant investment in research, skilled developers, and continued maintenance to keep the software up to date with the … Read more