Best PC For Video Editing

Best PC For Video Editing

In addition to the (video editing) software, the hardware is also very important in order to be able to edit videos with high quality without any problems. This article tells you which components of a computer are particularly important.

Table of contents

  • How do I cut my videos?
  • Laptop or Desktop PC?
  • Windows or Mac?
  • New Windows video editing program after update
  • Video tips for product reviews
  • GoPro Hero 7 Test – Brand new Actioncam

Processor (CPU)

Nothing works without a good processor. After all, it must be fast enough to play videos in real time via the preview monitor. The render times are also more pleasant with a good processor.
Nothing is more annoying than trying to cut to the beat when the program is constantly jerky and the video is delayed.

Graphics card

In addition to a good processor, you also need a graphics card. Depending on the resolution with which you film your videos, a normal graphics card is sufficient for smaller projects without much post-processing. But once you plug in a second screen and want to get the most out of your videos, you’ll need a graphics card that will communicate the colors and sharpness of the video correctly.

Main memory

Since video editing is very memory intensive, your computer should have enough RAM. On the page of the video editing program manufacturer, you can see how much memory the program needs.
For 1080p files 8GB is sufficient. For 4K videos you need at least 16GB.


I am currently working with a normal HDD hard drive, which is still sufficient for my Full-HD videos. An SSD is definitely better suited for larger files. The render times are also greatly reduced with faster hard disks.

I have always had very good experiences with Toshiba hard disks and can recommend them to others.

How do I cut my videos?

I am currently editing my videos with a Toshiba Sattelite laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor, an NVIDIA Geforce graphics card and 16GB RAM. Unfortunately, the computer does not yet have an SSD. In connection with a fast video editing program like Vegas Pro the PC is sufficient in any case and I can edit fluently.
However, if the computer does something else in the background or installs updates, there may be some jerks.

Laptop or Desktop PC?

I edit my videos with a laptop, because I can take it with me on trips and start transferring the files on the spot. At home I connect an extra screen for cutting, because the monitor is a bit small. 22′ inch should have a screen for video editing at least. Kleiner is also possible, but is not so clear.

Of course, the computer should already have a good performance, which is why there are many reasons for a large desktop. I’ll definitely stick with a powerful laptop, simply because it’s much more flexible and can be taken on trips.

Windows or Mac?

In addition to the hardware installed in the computers, you also have to decide which operating system you want your PC to run on.

Video editing programs from Apple like Final Cut Pro X or iMovie run as you would expect from Apple only on your own operating system. On the other hand, many video editing programs only work with Windows. However, there are also programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements that run on both systems.

I’ve never had a Mac before, so I can’t say much about Apple’s video editing applications. With the free program iMovie quite a lot should be possible. For more features you can buy Final Cut for 330€ in the online shop. The usability of Apple’s applications should be very good thanks to the simple interface. I’m not going to buy a Mac in the future because I edit my videos with Vegas Pro, which only runs on Windows computers.

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