Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an image editing program for advanced amateur photographers who want to get more out of their images. It offers a good range of functions with various professional functions, such as opening eyes in the post-processing.

A highlight are the different modes, depending on experience with the program. The wizard mode guides you to the desired function, the fast mode is designed to quickly optimize a photo and the expert mode lets you let your creativity run wild.

If you are looking for a cheaper version of Photoshop without a subscription, Photoshop Elements is the right choice for you. However, the program is not suitable for every beginner because of the many more professional functions and the quite high price.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Test

You want to bring the quality of your images to a new level, but don’t want to buy an expensive subscription for the professional Photoshop CC. No problem. No problem. Photoshop Elements gives you a lot of possibilities to improve your photos and thanks to its clear interface and different modes it is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users.


After downloading the program, the following window opens. If you have bought the cheaper package with the video editing program Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements, you can choose here which program you want to access. In my case, I only installed the photo editor. The Organizer is always there to better organize and manage your photos and videos – a very handy tool to filter your files by location, person, data, etc.

If you now click on the button, the following window appears: Of course the surface is adapted to the design of the video editor and I think it is very clearly arranged. As with the video editing program, there are three modes for editing the photos, which I will now discuss in more detail.


In edit mode fast (shown above) there is a bar with correction options to the right of the preview image. Here you can adjust the color, sharpness, exposure or color temperature.

You can also change the view in the middle if you want to place the images next to each other, for example.

On the left there is another bar with editing options. Titles can be customized similar to Word. To optimize the smile on the photo a little bit, you can whiten the teeth a little bit.

The coolest functions are offered by the eye tool. Here you can e.g. remove red eyes, adjust the pupil radius or – completely new – open closed eyes.

The “fast” mode is there to optimize the images without much effort.


The assistant mode is ideal for getting started. You simply choose the function you want to use, click on the vividly designed button and the program automatically guides you to the settings of this function. So you don’t have to search long for the individual functions.


If you already have some experience using Photoshop Elements, you can switch to expert mode.
This allows you to have unlimited access to all functions without having to click through the menus that only exist for the sake of clarity.
In contrast to the “fast” mode, where the focus is on the fast optimization of photos, you can create real works of art with a little effort.

Photoshop Elements features

Photoshop Elements offers beside the standard functions of the image processing with the price of course still a little bit more. The coolest functions are listed here.

Replace background

In the past, you had to take a photo in front of a green wall (a green screen) in order to insert another picture afterwards. In most cases Photoshop Elements recognizes the motive by itself and can place it in front of any scenery.

Painting effects

With a variety of painting and watercolor effects, you can easily turn your photos into painted looking works of art.

Open closed eyes

You probably know the situation when you want to take a group picture and take several photos just to be on the safe side. Still, there’s always someone who’s blinking on the picture right now. Fortunately, that’s no longer a problem. The program simply scans this person’s face in another image and copies the open eyes into the new one.

By the way, that’s not only possible with the eyes. If someone in the picture looks to the side or makes a funny facial expression, you can simply insert the person’s face from another picture.

Correct shaky or skewed photos

This also happens frequently, but can be optimized with just one click.

Remove objects from image

You probably also know the situation when you want to shoot a beautiful picture of a place of interest, but there are always some tourists in the picture. Or if you want to have the complete building on the picture, you can see the streetlamp in the foreground.
In order to create truly unique images, you sometimes have to cut something out of the original image. This is of course also possible with Photoshop Elements. Simply draw a line around the unwanted object and cut it out. The program replaces the missing area with the colors in the vicinity. Of course, the objects that should disappear must not be too large. But as long as the background is relatively uniform in color, the detail is not noticeable at all.

Is the program suitable for beginners?

As the name suggests, Photoshop Elements is aimed at hobby photographers who do not want to take out a monthly subscription. Even if Adobe does a lot to make the program beginner-friendly, e.g. with tutorials on the Internet or the assistant mode, there are other image processing programs that look a bit better.
Another point of criticism is the rather high price. Even if the normal Photoshop is again clearly more expensive, 100€ are not exactly little for an image processing program. Thus, those who do not want to spend so much money as a beginner in the image processing will certainly be well advised to use the photo editor of Movavi.

Advantages of Photoshop Elements are the extensive and also professional functions, which other image processing programs do not have to offer.



  • professional image editing functions, such as opening eyes during post-processing
  • good functionality
  • Tutorials and assistant mode simplify the introduction
  • Expert mode for advanced users
  • high price

Bottom line

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a very good image editing program for advanced amateur photographers. In any case it is cheaper than the original Photoshop CC program as subscription, but because of the high price and some professional functions it is not suitable for every beginner.
But those who want to work with Photoshop and are looking for an affordable alternative to the original, which includes a good range of functions and several modes for every level of knowledge, will certainly be enthusiastic about Photoshop Elements.

For those who are interested in video editing and image editing, Adobe offers a package in conjunction with the video editing program Premiere Elements.

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