4K video editing software

4K video editing software test

You want to edit 4K videos and are looking for a suitable video editing program? No problem. No problem.

Nowadays, most programs are able to process 4K files – even inexpensive beginner programs. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start cutting such huge files.

Requirements for 4K video editing

Does my computer have enough power at all?

You can easily find out by reading the system requirements on the manufacturer’s website. There you will find the technical data your computer should have.

e.g. Vegas Pro says: – Memory: 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended; 16 GB recommended for 4K)

means Vegas Pro runs on your computer if it has at least 4 GB RAM. However, the program will not run smoothly then. For normal files you should have 8 GB and if you want to edit 4K videos, even 16 GB.

Proxy cut

If you do not have a supercomputer, you should make sure that the video editing program has the proxy editing function. Many programs already have this function. I used to cut my videos in the normal state and I was annoyed every time that I couldn’t cut exactly to the beat due to delays in the preview window. Then I noticed that my program can already create proxy files. I tried it out and it all ran smoothly and smoothly, even time-lapse shots.
If you don’t know what proxy files are, I’ve explained it here. Your video editing program converts large 4K or Full HD files into ultra-low-resolution videos. In the preview monitor they are still sharp enough to work with. Then you cut a video with these little files. When exporting, the program replaces all takes with high-resolution videos and you get out your 4K video.

Performance of the program

The second important requirement besides the computer is the performance of the program. Some video editing programs are faster than others. The more professional (and expensive) the program, the better the performance. For the normal programs I would recommend the Powerdirector 16, which runs really fast and smoothly. Magix also states that Video deluxe 2018 should be up to 5x as fast as its predecessor. This performance boost may be a bit exaggerated, but most mid-price beginner programs still have the power to edit 4K videos. But I have to admit that I couldn’t test the programs to their limits because I don’t have a 4K camera.
With programs like Vegas Pro or Video Pro X the performance is no problem.

free 4K video editing program

Even some free programs offer 4K video editing, but I doubt that it runs smoothly, because the proxy editing function has only a few free programs.
I wouldn’t recommend you a free video editing program if you want to edit such large files. You need something real.

GoPro Quik

If you have a GoPro, you’ve probably heard of this free video editing software before. With it you can easily edit your Actioncam videos and since GoPro is known for 4K videos, I assume that you can also edit 4K files with this video editing software.
But I’ve never worked with the program before. Soon I will test the program and present it here on the website.

What is the best program for 4K videos now?

As I said before, you can edit 4K files with any program that supports the 4K format, runs smoothly on your computer, and has the Proxy Edit function.

As a beginner I would recommend Video Deluxe 2018 or the Powerdirector.

However, if you already have a lot of experience or are a professional in the field of video editing, I recommend Video Pro X or Vegas Pro. With the two programs, 4K video editing is of course absolutely no problem. Only a PC with sufficient performance is required.

You should also ask yourself first whether you need such a program at all, or whether the Full HD camera is sufficient. I have a Gopro, but I still only film in Full HD – in my opinion it’s enough and you can record better slow motion videos.
It’s better to buy a good camera where the colors look real than a 4K actioncam for 60€, where the artificial high-resolution video material doesn’t look good. But if you have a super 4K camera, or if you’re flying DJI drones that can usually record 4K video, you’ll need 4K video editing software.

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